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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5 September 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Raman feels very helpless and frustrated

In today’s episode, Raman is very much depressed with his condition and inability to walk. He sees the changes done in his room so that he can comfortably move sitting on the wheel chair. He gets emotional to recollect old memories. He wipes his tears when he notices that someone entering the room. Ishita again tries to convince him for eating his favourite dish made by Alia but he asks her to call someone to help him sleep on the bed. She helps him for the same and sits beside him. He tells her that he is fine but Ishita knows that he is just hiding it. Raman goes to sleep so Ishita leaves from there. After she leaves, Raman looks at the family photograph kept on the side table of the bed.

In the hospital, doctor is worried about something when his assistant doctor arrives there and informs him that Raman Bhalla has been discharged from the hospital. He also suggests him that they should inform Sudha Chaudhary about Raman’s complications but doctor says not to do so as he will handle the matter. They should see to it that how they can give further best treatment to Raman Bhalla and he also asks about the physiotherapy to be given to Raman. He tells that they should help in all the ways for his recovery but they should not disclose the fact neither to Bhalla family or Sudha Chaudhary. The assistant doctor agrees for the same.

In the kitchen, Ishita is making food for all where her sister asks her if she needs any help but Ishita says that it is almost done. Her sister asks her to look after Raman only and worry about nothing else as Romi is also back now. Ishita’s daughters come up with a reference of the best physiotherapist who is expert in accidental and trauma cases so they inform her that they have taken the appointment and they should take Raman there. Ishita also agrees for the same. They all notice that Raman is making some painting along with Pihu and is being normal. They all become happy as they come to know that Raman’s happiness is in their hands and they all should be with him. While making the drawing , the pencil falls down and Raman tries to pick it up but he is not able to and Pihu is not aware about it. His elder daughter picks up the pencil for him and feels bad for his helplessness. Pihu asks her about whose drawing she liked so she also says that Pihu’s drawing is better than her dad so Pihu becomes happy. Pihu goes out of the room to show her drawing to rest of the family members. After she leaves, Ruhi asks him that whether he loves her or not, Raman also answers her that obviously he loves her as she is his daughter then Ruhi asks him why he thanked her when she picked up the pencil for him. She tells him that he is her father who has raised her, he has shown her right directions, and he has handled her when she was upset.

So she tells him that it is her turn now to support him so she will not be lacking anywhere and requests him not to go away from all of them as all the family members love him and they all want to see him fit and fine. He puts the pencil with forcefully out of his frustration but she tells him that they want to take him somewhere. She asks him to just come with them; he will come to know where they are going. So he agrees for the same saying that he doesn’t have any other choice. He asks her to leave from the room as he will be there in the room only.

Precap: Simmi comes and visits Raman and ask for his blessings. Doctor Rajat feels better as knows one knows the truth so far. In the next scene, Raman is feeling frustrated and vulnerable as his intellect is also not working like his legs. He accepts that he is disabled and a burden for the family.

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