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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 4 September 2018, Written Update of Full Episode

Ishita comes in the hospital room to meet Raman, she notices that he is very upset, looks at his legs and recollects some memories where he was dancing. She feels very helpless. She holds his hands, Raman tells her that he is aware that nothing can be done for his legs and he is completely useless. Ishita feels very sad to hear that but looks at him and tries to make him understand that he is not useless, he means life to her and to their entire family. She tries to make him feel positive but he refuses to hold her hand and starts crying.

In the next scene, Doctor says to Ishita that she must have not told him that he will not be able to walk because according to the doctor, unless they get some solution for repairing his damaged nerves, he will not be able to walk at all. He tells her that Raman needs to accept this fact but Ishita is very much worried about how she will tell this to Raman as he has been so active so far in the office, with friends and family, he has always helped all and he is their pillar of strength. She feels bad that the person who has supported others so far will have to take their support and depend on the family members. She feels that he will not be able to digest this fact that he may not be able to walk henceforth for the rest of his life. But doctor asks her to be strong for Raman and her kids & family. He assures her to look for the best solution for Raman’s recovery. He asks her to be the strength for Raman and also informs her that he has made arrangement for Raman’s medication and Physiotherapy. He also asks her to keep Raman always happy and positive. Because most of the times, patients go into depression if they are not given moral support and positivity. He asks her to spend as much time as she can with him so that he feels that everything is normal and as a doctor he will be available for help any time. Ishita thanks the doctor and goes for completing the formalities for Raman’s discharge from the hospital.

At the house, all are waiting for Raman to come back home. Raman’s father informs all that Ishita will be coming with Raman from the hospital and they all need to behave very normal in front of Raman so that he will not feel bad, especially Raman’s mother. All agree for the same and Raman’s mother says that she has brought some Prashad from the Gurudwara which is Raman’s favourite. They all assure that they will welcome Raman with very positive and happy faces. But Omprakash asks all that they are forgetting one thing which Ishita has reminded him. He asks all to help him for removing some furniture so that it will be easy for Raman to move with his wheel chair. But others don’t understand the reason behind making the changes, Omprakash makes them understands the situation. So they all also decides to change the setting of their bed room.

In the hospital, Ishita asks him to go back to home and brings a wheel chair for him. Looking at the wheel chair, Raman gets disturbed. Ishita tries to make him feel normal by telling him that all are making preparations for his welcome, his favourite dishes are being made. She also tells him that even Adi who is the eldest member of the family is also very excited to know that he is coming back to home. She also tells him that he can watch his favourite TV programs like earlier. She further asks him about what he would love to eat but he asks her whether they can leave for the home. He tries to get up by himself but he cannot then Ishita calls the ward boy, nurse for his help. Nurse and the ward boy helps him to sit on the wheel chair and they leave for the home but they have to wait for the car to come there to pick them. In the meanwhile, she remembers that the file in her hand is to be returned on the reception, she asks the ward boy to give the file. She calls the driver but then only the car arrives. She gets a call of Bala Jiju, she takes up the call and informs him that they are coming home only. The driver opens the door of the car and waits for Ishita to help Raman to get in the car but doesn’t help himself. Raman tries to catch the door and Ishita sees that Raman is trying to get in the car on his own. She cuts the call and asks the driver to help her to help Raman get in the car. But the driver just stands up, she scolds him then he supports Raman but still Raman cannot get in the car. In the meanwhile, the ward boy comes and helps Raman to get in the car. A person comes from the back side and asks Ishita to move her car as his father is in the ambulance and there is an emergency. Raman tells the person that he is paralysed and he cannot walk so it took time. Ishita feels very bad as Raman is very upset and he also feels pain while telling that fact to the person. Raman closes the door of the car with anger and frustration. They leave for the home. Ishita informs all at the house that they have left from the hospital and asks Bala Jiju and her father to help Raman get upside. They go down to receive him.

Santosh Kaur cries loudly but all ask her to be strong for Raman. The car reaches near the building, Ishita asks for wheel chair from the driver. Raman is surprised to see Bala Jiju, his father who came to receive him but they tell him that Ishita had informed them with the message that they will be reaching in some time. The driver gets the wheel chair; they all help Raman to get out of the car. Raman tells them all that they should be habitual of the task of helping him while getting up from the wheelchair and vice-versa. They all feel bad but Raman tells them that he has learnt a new thing that first they need to take his legs out and then they can hold him to sit on the wheel chair. They help him accordingly.

Raman’s mother welcomes him with Tika and Aarti. Raman notices the changes done in the setting of the furniture, Ishita also welcomes him as he is back home. They all discuss about the favourite dishes of Raman to be made as the food of the hospital was not that good. Raman’s sister also comes with her new born baby. Santosh Kaur (Raman’s mother) feels happy that he is back home. Raman says to her out of frustration that he will be with her only as he cannot go anywhere alone now. They all decide to make him positive and ask him to trouble his mother as he has a good opportunity to get serviced by all. Raman’s daughter Pihu wishes to sit on the Raman’s lap but they ask her not to do that. But Raman again says that he don’t know when he will be able to get up from the wheelchair himself so he should be habitual to all such things. In the meanwhile, Alia comes with Dal wada which is Raman’s favourite but he thanks her for the dish but expresses his willingness to go into his room. Romi tells him that he will take Raman to his room. But he takes him to another room, Raman asks him about where he is taking him so Romi tells him that his room is been shifted on the ground floor. He feels bad but says that it is better that his room is been shifted there, he asks all to leave him as he can go himself as he can use his hands for moving the wheel chair. He goes inside the room on his own sitting on the wheel chair. Ishita asks all the family members about what can be done to take Raman out of the frustration, she feels very helpless. She feels that Raman doesn’t deserve to be dependent on others. She feels very bad but her mother in law makes her understand that they all are there with her to take of Raman. They  all feel that Raman needs mental care rather than physical care at the moment otherwise he may go into depression. They decide to look for the best treatment for Raman’s recovery.


Precap: Doctor asks his assistant not to disclose a fact to Raman or his family. He also informs Ishita that a Physiotherapist will be visiting them tomorrow for the treatment of Raman so Ishita feels happy to hear that and also feels that doctor is the best that cares for the patients.


Text Courtesy: Radhika Inamdar

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