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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3rd September 2018, written update of full Episode

Ishita and Raman are hospitalised. Ishita comes to see how is the health of Raman. All the family members inquires about Ishita and Raman’s health. Ishita tells everyone that they both of them are fine and Raman is also resting. Surgery is successful and it will be better if he takes more rest. All agree with the same. Madhavi asks the sister in the hospital to keep a paper under the pillow of Raman as she feels that Raman will recover fast because of that. The sister does the same. Romi also arrives at the hospital. All express their feelings to him. He assures all that everything will be fine now. Santosh Kaur notices that Romi has some injury on the forehead. She inquires about it, he says that the person who has done all the problem, he had went to teach him a lesson. So he got injured there.

Ishita asks all to go home and takerest. Romi also assures all that he will stay in the hospital with Ishita and Raman and all of them can go home. But Vishwanath says that they all will not be able to rest, they will stay at the hospital till Raman comes out of the unconsciousness. They also ask Ishita to take rest.

In the next scene, Mihika also feels sorry as she feels that whatever happened with Raman is because of heronly. She says that she is the biggest culprit than Param because she gave him the leverage to spoil my family. Romi tries to cool her down but she blames herself a lot. Romi gives her a Rakhee to tie on his hand saying that she is not wrong at all. In fact he says that he is very happy that she is back. He asks her to tie the rakhee on his hand and she ties it. He assures her that everything will be fine.

Raman is having soup in the morning and the sister in the hospital tells him that he is progressing well. Raman says that he wants to go back to his house as soon as possible. He tries to take the pillow upside a little but it falls down. He tries to get up to pick up the pillow but he notices that he is not able to move his legs. He tries a lot and also calls the sister but he cannot move his legs and falls down. He tries to get up but he cannot. He calls up sister and she comes up and sees him down. She calls doctor and ward boy to help her to pick him up. They all pick him up and keep on the bed. All the family members come inside to see what happened but the doctor asks them all to be quiet and let him see what has happened. Raman tells the doctor that he is not able to move his legs. All get shocked to know that. Doctors check him and ask him whether he is feeling anything on the legs. Ishita also don’t understand what is happening with Raman but the doctors say that they will have to take MRI test of his legs and then only they can come to know the problem. But Raman gets very frustrated and tensed as he is not able to move his legs at all. Doctors say that there is no sensation to his legs so they need to do some tests. All feel very shocked and disturbed but doctors ask all of them to be calm. Raman shouts loudly to leave him alone. He gets very panic and all of them get scared with his behaviour. He also asks Ishita to go from there. All get very much tensed with whatever happened. Santosh Kaur also feels very bad and starts crying as the problems with Raman are not over yet. Madhavi also feels that there is a temporary problem with Raman’s legs. Ishita asks all not to feel so bad about all this as no MRI or tests has been done and nothing is clear. She feels that it must be a temporary phase and she will speak to Doctor Rajat about it. She asks all not to take sad faces in front of Raman. She also asks Ruhi to be strong for her father.

Ishita inquires about Doctor Rajat but she comes to know that he might be travelling. She also asks the other doctor about how the MRI test of Raman can be done as he may not be ready for the same but the doctor says that he is going from a trauma so we should give him some time. So Ishita asks all to sit down in the waiting room as Raman should not see them all while going for the MRI test. Ishita feels very sad about Raman, on the other side Raman again tries to move his legs again but he cannot. He is very frustrated. In the meanwhile the sister tells him that his MRI test is to be done so she will arrange a wheel chair for him to go for the test. Ishita says to herself that she will not cry for whatever happened, she needs to be strong for Raman. She should see to it how Raman can recover from the health issue.

Simmi meets Param in the Police station and asks him about the reason why he did that. But the Police constables asks him not to take law in her hands but she is very angry and not ready to listen to anything. Simmi asks them to arrest her also as she is also equally responsible for what happened.

In the hospital, Ishita asks doctor about the MRI report of Raman. The doctor tells her that the reports are not positive as it reveals that Raman’s spinal cord has got damaged. All are shocked to know that Raman will not be able to walk henceforth. Ishita asks for the treatment that can be done so that Raman can walk again but doctor says that it cannot be assured, he can recover and start walking in 6 months, 6 years or it is also possible that he may not be. But she asks him how it is possible as Doctor Rajat who is the famous neurologist is there, he says that doctor Rajat decided to save Raman’s life first which he did. He further tells us that because of the blast, the spinal cord is damaged so he will not be able to walk but she should be thankful to Doctor Rajat to save Raman’s life.

In the next scene, Romi is scolding Simmi for what she was doing. He tells her that she will not be helping her familyif she tries to kill Param. But she says that she don’t have any other option who did so bad with Raman and even she is also part of all the sins he performed so she also deserved to be in Jail as she spoiled the life of everyone. But Romi asks her to think about Raman, they all need to support their brother and make him recover faster. All that what she was doing will not help Raman recover faster. All are feeling very bad about Raman. Ishita also says that she will live up to Raman. She will tell him the truth but Madhavi asks not to tell him about it as he may go into depression. But Ishita knows how Raman is and he will be strong enough and she will not spoil his expectations to recover from this also.

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