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WTF Wednesday: Nora Fatehi was accused of giving ‘evil eyes’ to people at parties and we wonder if that’s even a thing

We live in the age and time where nothing is too wacky to be true. From eccentrically weird to plain bizarre, the day’s paper is filled with instances that prove the same and honestly, Bollywood is no exception. In fact, break-ups/patch ups are too passe. ‘News’ is not nuanced anymore and we wonder if you’re privy to the latest batch of breaking headlines that plagued our timelines. If you have, join us in our dismay and if you haven’t – you’re in for a ride. The latest piece of information in the WTF club involves ‘evil eyes’ and logic has left the building.

Cutting the chase, Nora Fatehi who has been making people groove with record-breaking rendition of Dilbar was recently accused of giving death stares to a certain couple at a specific event. And believe it or not, it was carried by news reports that subsequently created ripples in the industry. Yes, you read that right! Now, we get how gossip is churned to keep jobs intact and nobody is not guilty of it but to actually stoop to the level of manufacturing stories about how a girl CAN NOT be civil and wishes death upon her rumoured ex and his wife, is beyond us. You know who. But, and we’d like to speak this on behalf of every girl, not everything is about a man!

If you’re not convinced yet, hear it from the horse’s mouth. Yes, Nora did hit back and this is how – the actress took to Twitter and let the sass do the talking for her. She wrote, “My indifferent expression on my face in public may give “evil vibes” but trust me at that moment I’m only thinking about whether I’m having a burger or pizza for dinner and waiting to get into my PJs. I’m living my best life. No time to stare at people at events. I’m way above that.” And that’s how you do it.

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