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Teacher’s Day Special: Badho Bahu actress Rytasha Rathore thanks life for ‘being an absolute f***ing boss”

Rytasha Rathore became a household name with her stint of Komal in the show, Badho Bahu. The actress who started her journey as a theatre actress, stunned everyone with her acting chops when she made her television debut with Badho Bahu. Just after the show launched, she became a popular face of small screen. It is not only on TV, Rytasha has created a stir with her Instagram posts challenging notions about body image, sex and sexuality. The young woman’s intelligence, talent and bindaas attitude have earned her immense appreciation. Being on the heavier side, the actress never shies from wearing bikinis and her boldness has become her beauty that she flaunts with such ease. On Teacher’s Day, she pens down an open letter to thank her life for being her teacher… (Also Read: EXCLUSIVE! Rytasha Rathore speaks her heart out on the necessity of sex education)

Dear Life,

HAPPY TEACHER’S DAY! They asked me to write a letter to my greatest teacher, so here goes.

I didn’t ask for you, I don’t know why I got you, and I’m not sure what you mean.

But I have spent close to twenty-six years with you and you have been my greatest teacher. When I was a child I thought school was the only place I went to learn anything, but as time has passed and I’ve crossed the years of formal education – I’ve come to realize that the learning never stopped. In fact, I could go to the extent of saying that the real learning began after the formal education ended.

You’ve taught me that eating junk will make me sick. You’ve taught me that working hard will get me results. You’ve taught me that heaven isn’t a place you go to after death, but it’s something we can create within our time with you. You’ve taught me that it’s best to not worry about losing you and instead focus on learning, growing and playing with you. With you I’ve learnt that while time may pass, I will deep down always have the innocence and playfulness of our early years together. Thank you for that. On my darkest days, I draw strength from those teachings.

You’ve taught me that being a woman in this world is different from being a man, that being rich is different from being poor, being Hindu is different from being Muslim, being thin is different from being fat. While these factors affect us humans and how we treat each other, what’s so beautiful about you is that despite all these differences you essentially remain the same for us all. You exist in each breath we take. You are the sole reason we are. Just our collective experience of you makes us all connected in a far greater way than all the things that differentiate us. You don’t discriminate.

You’ve taught me that anger only creates pain and hurt, love is the only way to move forward. You’ve taught me crying is good because only after it rains can there be rainbow.

I love you and I am so utterly grateful for you. I’m trying to be a better learner, and I’m putting into practice all that you teach me with each breath I take. Thank you for being an absolute f***ing boss. You’ve really been my A-1 since day one. Forgive me for any shortcomings. I honestly can’t wait for the rest of the journey.
Your number one fan and forever student,


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