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Naagin 3 1 September, 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Bela escapes from Aadi’s death trap but Maahir – Bela’s surprise kiss steals the show

Naagin 3 starts with Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) taking the snake form and chasing the hooded man. He tries to run away but she catches up with him. She says I will not spare those who killed my love, Vikrant. The bells ring in the old Shiva Temple and all the snakes gather there. Later, it is revealed that Aadi is alive and he has recorded Bela changing into a Naagin and killing the man. In reality, Bela had killed Daksh who was used as a pawn by Aadi. She is furious at Aadi and says I will kill you in an instant. Aadi says I have made full preparations to kill you and spoil your plans. On the other hand, Vish (Anita Hassanandani) gets a call from the ACP. She sees a group of women passing by to the music of snake charmers. She thinks about who they are? Angrily, Bela wonders where exactly is Vish? She feels Aadi would not have been so powerful if Vish was here.

Bela and Vish meet and decide they have to kill everyone. Bela says I killed Daksh. Vish says I want to finish off Annu first. In the moonlight, Annu is trying to get romantic with Shaan (Prince Narula). Bela tries to stop her but she is adamant about killing Annu. Bela feels I must stop Vish as I don’t wish to kill their family members only the real murderers of Vikrant. Annu tries to kiss Shaan but he rejects it. Shaan can hear hissing noises and wonders what is happening. In the cave, Rohit and Kuhu, Pootlu and others are thinking where exactly is Daksh? Bela tells Vish that Daksh is dead.

Vish tells Bela that she has instructed Arvind to dispose off Daksh’s body. Arvind calls Pootlu and pretends to be Daksh. He says he is heading to Delhi as a friend has met with an accident. Bela asks Vish why is she behaving so strangely with her? She says I fail to understand you as you are stopping me from finishing off people. Bela says you would have killed two people, Shaan and Annu and those deaths are unnecessary. Vish says I feel bad that you do not trust me. She says I left Naag Lok for you. Vish says I lost someone dear due to you. Bela thinks if Vish is talking about ACP Ajitabh. Vish says you do not care for my feelings. She says he and I deeply love each other. Vish says he has ignited love in my heart.

Bela remembers Maahir and her’s love story. Vish says I want to end the feelings of love that have sprung up in me. She says I feel helpless. Annu again tries to get romantic with Shaan. She tells him to hold her hand and wait there. She tells everyone that she is engaged to Shaan. Bela stops Vish and tries to pacify her. She says no one can stop me. Angrily, she pushes Bela who gets hurt. Vish says I am sorry that I hurt you but I will make it up to you later. Andy Sehgal – Sumitra and Annu’s dad reach the hotel where Annu is about to announce her engagement. Aadi brings Bela to an isolated spot and says he will kill her. Aadi says I will finish you off and celebrate with the family. He throws Bela off a building and there is a precipice below. She holds the railing of the building but falls further. Sumitra is tensed about where exactly are Maahir and Bela? Poulomi greets Aadi who reaches there. Shaan excuses himself and goes to the kitchen.

Bela prays to Lord Shiva for safety. She becomes half-snake. Maahir reaches there and is aghast seeing Bela in that fatal position. He says I am coming to save you. Maahir says I understood love after I met you. He picks her up and she tells him to close his eyes for a while. Bela prays to Lord Shiva and brings both of them back to the terrace. Maahir is shocked. She says Lord Shiva saved us. Bela yells that she is not a kid and can look after herself. She starts ranting. Maahir kisses her to stop her rant. Bela is stunned into silence.

She begins looking around for Vish as she is worried about her. Shaan is also looking for Maahir. He sees Maahir in his car. When Maahir asks about Bela, Shaan says he did not spot her. Annu is on the lookout for Shaan. Annu’s friend Laila also comes to the party. She asks her about her fiance. Bela and Laila met and the latter tells her that she hides her love. Bela remembers her kiss with Maahir.

Precap: Vish makes an entry and says that Shaan has proposed to her much to Annu’s shock

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