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Exclusive! Vivek Dahiya reveals how he built that shredded body without any extreme effort

TV hunk Vivek Dahiya who is seen as Raaj on Star Plus’ Qayamat Ki Raat recently did a photoshoot with Subi Samuel. The actor who is a self-confessed foodie controlled his cravings for 10 days to achieve a supreme body that was as shredded as it could be. Talking about his shoot, he told Bollywood Life, “I had basically shot before with Subi for a magazine. We built a rapport there and he suggested that I should do body shots. I did not think I was equipped enough to do the same but he gave me the confidence. I asked for 10 days to get more toned and worked towards it. I have to say it has happened because of him and his faith in me. Kudos to him. The pics are fabulous and I’m in love with all of them.” (Also Read: Sorry state of affairs! Arjun Kapoor, Divyanka Tripathi, Vivek Dahiya are angry over potholes on a newly opened flyover)

Controlling his diet was the toughest task for Vivek, who has a huge sweet tooth. “The biggest motivation was to achieve that supreme shape. I have always been into gymming and sports but at the same time, I am a huge foodie. I really struggle to control my diet, especially my cravings for sweets. For once, I was motivated to have a strong mind and be focussed. Achieving a shredded physique is about the discipline you follow before and after your workout. Like they say, abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym,” he says. The actor says he does not believe in extreme diets but something that is sustainable for the long run. (Also Read: Exclusive! Vivek Dahiya on Qayamat Ki Raat: Raj has parts of me, hence I love playing the character)

“I maintained a healthy diet unlike some people who go to extreme lengths. I consumed veggies and chicken mostly. My mornings start with oats, dates and dry fruits. I take protein shake post workout and a lunch of brown rice, chicken and veggies. In the evenings, I have a peanut butter sandwich. I love it. The dinner would be a light one with eggs, fish or salad. I stopped eating after 7 or 7.30. So, the only thing I did was to cut on carbs for dinner. Extreme diets are not sustainable and only give a wrong picture of your shape. I had my cheat day, once a week where I ate the dessert instead of just talking to it,” he elaborates. A few weeks, he had posted a snap that made many girls go weak in the knees. Wife Divyanka Tripathi issued a statement on Instagram that read, No Touching, Only Seeing. Doesn’t he feel such shoots will make it harder for the women not to crush on him? “Hahahah…well, it will get tougher because I ain’t stopping,” he signs off.





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