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Bepannaah spoiler alert! Will Yash make Zoya realise her love for Aditya?

Bepannaah spoiler alert! Will Yash make Zoya realise her love for Aditya?

Bepannaah is one show that rakes in numbers both in the online TRP list as well as BARC India’s list. The show is loved for the unique story line and the scintillating chemistry of Zoya (Jennifer Winget) and Aditya (Harshad Chopda). While the mystery behind the death of Yash (Sehban Azim) and Pooja (Namita Dubey) is constantly keeping the viewers at the edge of the seats, fans are eagerly waiting to witness the romance between Aditya and Zoya. This is one show, that slowly developed the intense moments between the duo which never seemed out of context or forced. Fans desperately want to see them together. Well, the makers are not ready to give out this much awaited moment so easily. They are slowly carving the path where they will end up together. (Also Read: Bepannaah spoiler alert! Zoya to slap Aditya after his confession of love?)

Do you remember who helped Aditya realise his love for Zoya? While Aditya was confused about his feelings, it was Pooja who showed him the way and let him realise his true feelings. According to the latest reports, in the upcoming episodes, Yash will make Zoya realise that she loves Aditya and not to commit the mistake of leaving him. In the last episode, you have already seen how Zoya has slapped Aditya for breaking her trust. In the upcoming episodes, Zoya will completely break down after this. Noor will try to reason with her and make her believe that Aditya is a good guy. However, she will be stuck at the fact that he broke her trust. This time, it will be Yash who will clear her doubts. Yash will make her realise that Aditya is her best friend and how she should look forward to spending her entire life happily with Aditya as she always wanted to see a best friend in Yash. Now, we wonder if Zoya will take Yash’s advice or not. We so wish she does.

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