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Bepannaaah 5 September 2018 Written update of full episode: Zoya feels sorry for not believing on what Arshad told her.

In today’s episode, Aditya comes back home and he recollects how much trust Zoya had on him and how many times she has taken his side. He recollects all that happened and how she rejected him. He feels very sad as whenever he loves someone and he hurts that person itself.

On the other side, Arshad is doing bag packing and he notices the photo of Zoya on his mobile. He remembers the moments when they spent some good time and says good bye to her photo assuming that their journey together was decided to be ended there itself. In the meanwhile Zoya comes at his house to meet him. He wonders why Zoya has come at his place so late but he asks her to sit comfortably first as she looks disturbed. Zoya says sorry for misbehaving with him and for the words she used to express her anger. She asks him to forgive her but Arshad asks her not to be sorry as she was defending her best friend and there is nothing wrong in that. He tells her that his respect for her has increased in his mind after the incidence. But Zoya is still upset with the decision she has taken so far which went wrong and it is better to listen to the elders so that her life will be better. She asks him whether he still wants to marry her but Arshad cannot say anything.

Zoya feels very sorry for her behaviour, she says to Arshad that he is a very nice human being and her father also likes him. But Arshad asks her to take some time before saying ‘Yes’ to him for getting married with him because currently she is upset with Aditya and that is the reason she has taken such decision and once she cools down, she may think of changing this decision. Zoya tells him that she is very much confused about what to do so he asks her to relax and gets glass water for her. Zoya tells him that she is not upset with Aditya but she is upset with herself because whatever happened with her was to teach her a lesson and the lesson was that she should not trust anyone without thinking properly. She committed a big mistake by trusting a wrong person like Aditya. But Arshad makes her understand that she was not wrong as anyone would have trusted their best friend in such situation. But still Zoya feels that she made a mistake as her father was mentioning about last time and the last time was about Yash who was having an affair. Arshad also knows that but still Zoya feels that he should understand her feelings. That time Aditya was the one who could understand her as he was also facing the same situation. Earlier Aditya and she used to fight a lot after the incidence but later on they became friends. She made a good friend in life but she was wrong as Aditya had something different in his mind. She starts crying a lot.

In the next scene, Aditya tells Arjun that Zoya doesn’t believe him which is shocking. He is not able to understand what to do as Zoya has got hurt because of his fake call. He wants to make her feel happy but Arjun asks him to give Zoya some time to come out of it and she will understand that whatever Aditya did was out of his love for her. Then Aditya asks Arjun about the Matki issue but Arjun is not sure about who can be behind that, it can be Arshad or Wasim uncle or anyone. Aditya feels sad because he is getting punished for someone else’s mistake. He knows that Zoya’s heart is broken and that is the reason she may take any wrong decision which he don’t want.

In the next scene, Arshad asks Zoya to stop crying and be cool. He further says that he is not able to believe that she is sitting beside him because when they met for the first time, it was not a romantic meeting or the beginning was not like an epic love story as it happens only in movies. The real love story is such that can be lived daily and he will try to give such kind of love story to Zoya daily.

In the night, Zoya is still not able to sleep and Noor knows that Zoya is disturbed because of Aditya. She tries to make Zoya understand that it was just a prank call as they used to do in the childhood. But Zoya asks her that such prank could have taken Arshad’s life but in the next moment she notices that Noor knew about Aditya and Noor also accepts that. Zoya gets shocked to know that as her sister also lied to her. But Noor explained her that she was helping Aditya as he wanted to express his love for Zoya. Zoya says that if she tries to understand Aditya’s love then first the behaviour of Aditya comes in her mind. Earlier Yash cheated on her and now Aditya has broken her trust. Zoya tells Noor that every relation is useless without the trust, whether it is love, marriage or friendship. Noor tries to make Zoya understand that she should not get married to Arshad just to teach Aditya a lesson. But Zoya asks her not to tell Arjun or Aditya about her engagement with Arshad. Noor is shocked to know that.

In the next day morning, Zoya’s father and Arshad’s father are talking to each other about the engagement of Arshad and Zoya. They are happy for the engagement. Zoya’s father tells her that she has taken the right decision to get married with Arshad. Zoya also assures him that she will do anything to make her father happy. Wasim is very happy and tells him about his plans about her wedding. Zoya also agrees to do everything as per his wish. Wasim gives her a necklace as a gift and tells her that he had bought all those for her wedding when he used to go out for work when she was young.  Zoya also likes it. Wasim feels that he didn’t have the hopes that he could give it to her but destiny is with them this time and he is able to give all those gifts to her. He further tells her that he will not force her to wear those necklaces as they are old fashioned but Zoya feels that it is his blessings for her and she says that once she wears them then she will not take any wrong decision as her father will be always with her. Wasim blesses her and leaves from there. But Roshna knows that Zoya is not happy from inside but just trying to listen to her father.

Zoya and Roshna are talking about the jewellery that Wasim gave to Zoya. Roshna says that she knew that he is collecting jewellery for Zoya and Noor but she didn’t know that he will preserve them for years. She further says that the smile of Zoya behind all this is very unreal and it is not hiding whatever is going on in her mind. She knows Zoya better as she has given birth to her. So she is very sure that Zoya’s smile is fake. But Zoya tells her that she is really happy but Roshna is not ready to accept it. Zoya further tells her that whenever she has followed her heart, every time she has got hurt so this time she has decided to follow her brain. But her mother tells her that this decision is for her future life and she should think properly. Zoya tells her that she has taken the decision after proper thinking and she needs her mom’s support for the same. Roshna also assures her that she is always with her and she will support her in every decision. She just wants Zoya to be happy and that is the reason she don’t want Zoya to be in hurry to get married. She asks Zoya to close her eyes and check who comes in front of her and she is sure that God will show her the right path. Zoya closes her eyes but she is sees Aditya and gets shocked.


Precap: Aditya asks Zoya that when he goes away from her, doesn’t that make her any difference so Zoya also accepts that it doesn’t matter for her.

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